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September 2018

CURENTIS is now offering IT Transition Management 

CURENTIS is offering Transition Management Services with an multicultural team with international experience of Transition and outsourcing projects in the industry and financial sector.
Effective IT transition management ensures your environment is integrated in a seamless manner with a focus on maximizing business availability.
CURENTIS focusses on opportunities for streamlining and strengthening your operations. Our approach is supported by effective project management, communication and governance.
At CURENTIS, we manage the transition (includes implementation and transformation) from a neutral perspective in the customers interest, which includes complete transition of SAP-Applications, Non-SAP Applications, Business Intelligence and Infrastructure.


  • Form appropriate governance enabling programme support, buy-in and approval
  • Shape an achievable portfolio of transition initiatives
  • Stakeholder and customer expectations management throughout the transition lifecycle
  • Ensure seamless transition environments without effecting end-user experience
  • Risk Assessments to prioritise foreseen problems
  • Programme and project level management through the entire process
  • Benefits realisation planning
  • Evidence driven gated approach which prevent drifting into go-live
  • Entire process can be project managed by CURENTIS


  • Full understanding of programme scope by transition team and business
  • Improved business communications through effective relationship and programme governance
  • Transition planning and management skills and knowledge and upskill
  • Fully integrated partnership through transition of client and service providers
  • Successful go-live through well planned knowledge transfers and pilots
  • Minimal disruptive effect of transition on business as usual activities
  • Less wasted time developing inoperable functionality
  • Identify deployment issues in advance to better manage expectations
  • Documentation to support further development and future transitions
  • Successful lead into subsequent transformation initiatives

If we have aroused your interest,  please contact info@curentis.com .

August 2018

Security of customer data and information systems to ward off cyber attacks

The most recent laws and regulations (DSGVO, PSD2 and BAIT) increase the requirements for protecting the integrity and availability of customer data and IT security in banks.

A successful IT organization meets these requirements by a proactive and risk-based risk management and IT security. IT risks came into the focus of banking supervision in the most recent past and various institutions have requested substantial SREP capital add-ons. The risks arising from the use of IT systems directly affect the capital requirements of a bank.

According to the EBA ICT the supervision subdivides IT risks into the following 5 categories:

(1) ICT availability and continuity risk: Bank processes are not or only partially available

(2) ICT security risk: Banking systems are exposed to external and internal attacks (such as cyberattacks)

(3) ICT change risk: Changes to banking systems lead to disruption

(4) ICT data integrity risk: the data stored in the IT systems is incorrect or inconsistent

(5) ICT outsourcing risk: Bank services can be compromised because of a service provider failure

CURENTIS AG offers to its customers the following services in the context of IT risk management and application security management:

  • Concepts and implementation of an application fraud management
  • Authorization Design Matrix of the information systems taking into account the segregation of Duties according to MaRisk
  • Business Impact Analysis for rating information systems
  • Identification and analysis of security events
  • Determination of the attack vectors• Outline the critical scenarios
  • Application Security Monitoring (ASM)

If we have aroused your interest,  please contact info@curentis.com .

July 2018

ACAP: Sustainable Consulting with Absorptive Capacity

The ability to bring new information into a company, distribute it among the staff and then use it meaningfully for the company’s success is a crucial competitive factor. In particular, in order to respond to changing market requirements and help shape them through innovation, the successful use of external knowledge is becoming increasingly important.

For the long-term success of a company, it is particularly important that this knowledge is not only available to individuals or for a project, but that there is also a suitable process by which this know-how is available to the company in the long term. The ability of a company to absorb knowledge is referred to in science as Absorptive Capacity (ACAP) and is understood as the skillset of acquiring, assimilating, transforming, and exploiting new knowledge. The increased pressure for change as a result of digitization has further increased the demands placed on companies in this area.

But what impact do consultants have on the absorptive capacity of companies?

CURENTIS employee Harun Ara has dealt with this topic in the context of his master’s thesis at the University of Stuttgart. Based on expert interviews with various consulting companies, he has developed suitable measures to increase the absorptive capacity of companies.

On this basis, CURENTIS has developed a consulting service that supports companies in increasing their absorptive capacity. If you are interested in the topic, please contact info@curentis.com .

April 2018

Dejan Maljevic appointed to the German Chapter Board of ACAMS

Mr. Dejan Maljevic, CEO and Head of Anti-Financial Crime of CURENTIS AG, was appointed to the German Chapter Board of ACAMS in April 2018.

The ACAMS is one of the largest international associations of highly qualified financial crime specialists.

Among the members there are representatives of well-known financial institutions and consulting firms as well as regulatory and law enforcement authorities.

ACAMS is the largest international organization of its kind with the objective of expanding the expertise, competencies and experience of those involved in the detection and prevention of money laundering (AML) worldwide. Another objective is to promote the development and implementation of sound AML policies and procedures.

Dejan Maljevic is the head of CURENTIS Anti-Financial Crime Business Unit and has more than 15 years of professional experience with international banks in the field of anti-money laundering and fraud management.

CURENTIS is pleased and congratulates Mr. Maljevic on his appointment to the German Chapter Board of ACAMS.

April 2018

Brexit is making Frankfurt more attractive for banking consultants

The impact on banks and related jobs caused by the Brexit has been discussed intensively in the media. There is talk of an additional 5000 to 15000 banking jobs being created in Frankfurt.

The migration of a lot of bankers from London to Frankfurt also affects the demand for consultants. The affected banks need support for the issues caused by the shift. Particularly the core competencies of CURENTIS, which are regulatory reporting and anti-financial crime, are affected.

At the same time CURENTIS receives applications from young, high-skilled consultants, who want to take another step in their career and get a foot in the door for a more promising work environment in the financial sector outside of Great Britain. It is about motivated and dedicated professionals, who plan an international career in Frankfurt. For these consultants Great Britain has lost attractiveness.

CURENTIS can provide assistance in the relocation and language training to these candidates and looks forward to the excellent newcomers in our team.

July 2017

New Proptech solution from CURENTIS Risk FACTORY available!

The specialist for KYC processes, fraud prevention and credit checks expands its offer portfolio and publishes the Rental-CHECK solution for the real estate market. The Rental-CHECK app significantly shortens the process steps in the case of the identity- and creditworthiness check of potential real estate customers by means of the automated recording and checking of all necessary documents and information: Through online account access or through automated real-time checking of the imported pay slips directly via app.


Rental-CHECK enables private and institutional landlords, brokers and real estate companies to verify the digital identity- and creditworthiness check of their prospective tenants.

It includes the tenant’s self-assessment as well as the identity check by taking a photograph of the identity card and the mobile credit assessment through pay slip- or account statement analysis.

Niels-Jens Kühn, head of Product Management at CRF, commented on the new app “we are positioning a very fair offer for the real estate industry, which significantly increases the efficiency of the processes”.