Partners attaining objectives together

CURENTIS maintains close contacts to its long-term partners.

The driving force behind our actions is to realise projects and enjoy successes together with long-term benefits for the banking sector.

When we work with our technology and solutions partners, we each complement the expertise of the other, thus creating unique arrangements that benefit our clients.

Bundesdruckerei GmbH

Bundesdruckerei GmbH (BDr), the Federal Printing Office, is one of the leading companies in the world in the field of high-security technology. The BDr supplies personal identification documents and high-security cards, bank notes, postage stamps and revenue stamps along with a wide variety of electronic publications at home and abroad. In addition, it offers complete systems for centralised and / or decentralised production and personalisation of ID cards / personal identification documents as well as PKI services, e.g. in the electronic signature field. In order to meet increased security demands, the BDr closes the loop in personal identification and document verification, from issuing ID documents to border control. It relies on new technologies in the biometry field as part of these processes.

In light of constant acceleration in the globalisation of business processes in a growing number of countries, more people from more countries will be travelling more frequently and greater distances, thus making use of services in their destination countries as well. In this context, both the number of people entering a country and the variety of their countries of origin will typically be on the rise. The VISOCORE® Verify solution is suited to document examination as an instrument to counter money laundering and fraud offences along with significantly increasing business process efficiency.

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