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Anti Financial Crime

Financial crime has become a concern to governments all around the globe for several decades now. Protecting your organization from it is not an easy task. Not only the fraudsters are getting smarter, but the compliance with the regulations imposed by the supervisory authorities are becoming ever more complex. Consequences might involve financial losses, regulatory penalties and reputational threats. If you are involved in the financial sector, it is crucial that you understand financial crime, its impact on your organization and the possible preventive methods available to you.

We define Anti-Financial Crime (AFC) as the implementation of regulatory requirements within the individual financial crime compliance disciplines related to the banking business. In this context, we see our tasks as identifying the unknown risks and recognising red flags at an early stage. By proactively assessing them and then applying a risk-based approach, we are implementing efficient solutions on a real-time basis in consultation with decision-makers at the banks.

The term AFC serves as an overarching symbol for different areas of activity.

Ralf Penndorf
Head of Anti-Financial Crime
Management Board
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