Governance-Risk-Compliance models according to COBIT 2019 standard for your company

COBIT 2019

Our consultants proceed according to the international COBIT 2019 standard and offer a proven framework and procedure model according to GRC for practical use.

GRC summarizes the three most important levels of action of a company for its successful management:

Governance is the management of a company through defined guidelines. This includes the definition of corporate goals, the methodology used to achieve them, and the planning of the necessary resources to achieve the goals.

Risk stands for risk management with known and unknown risks through defined risk analyses. An important factor here is the early identification of risks, the provision of strategies for risk minimization and the preparation of loss buffers when risks occur.

Compliance is the adherence to internal and external standards for the provision and processing of information. This includes, among other things, specifications from standardization efforts and the access regulations for data as well as the legal framework for their use.

This general GRC-connection arises parallel also for the IT, since Governance, risk management and Compliance refer to each other. Due to the content relationships, the triad of “governance risk compliance” (GRC) is referred to, which requires an integrated strategy and joint management.

Governance-Risk-Compliance model in COBIT 2019



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