Governance-Risk-Compliance models according to COBIT 2019 standard for your company


Information and communication technologies are the most decisive success and competitive factor in the financial industry. Business process chains are no longer conceivable without efficient IT and the control of IT activities is becoming increasingly important.

IT governance and IT compliance are therefore of central importance.

IT governance represents a clear management or executive board task for the control of organizational structures, process integrity and the alignment of IT with the corporate strategy and the corporate goals anchored therein. Targeted risk management, the optimization of entire process chains and the integration of business units and IT services are just some of the core tasks of this top management discipline.

IT compliance can be understood as a central influencing factor or sub-area of IT governance and focuses on the adherence to and control of legal regulations at national or international level. This legal framework ranges from information security (IT security), data protection and data security to the establishment and operation of an internal control system (ICS).

Due to the complex IT architectures of many companies, the operation of IT and the introduction or modification of IT processes involves many risks. The core question is the same for every company: What exactly needs to be done to control these risks and achieve IT compliance?

Our consultants help you to gain a clear understanding of IT compliance. This provides the basis for discussing the scope and benefits of IT compliance, identifying the parties involved and setting up a management system for IT compliance.

The CURENTIS specialists proceed according to the COBIT5 reference model during project implementation and offer GRC consulting as a holistic concept. GRC (Governance-Risk-Compliance) is an integrated collection of skills that enable organizations to reliably achieve goals, eliminate uncertainties and act with integrity.

What does CURENTIS AG offer?

CURENTIS AG supports you in the fulfilment of company-relevant GRC requirements according to COBIT5 as well as in questions of IT compliance and IT security.

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