Automated credit assessment at the push of a button

ACCOUNT-CHECK – Automated credit assessment via online account access

Account-CHECK gives banks read-only access to the account or accounts of a credit applicant at any bank in Germany. The German standard FinTS is used for this process.

The banking customer may provide the login for his / her bank account (user name / PIN) via a web-based front-end.

Following entry of the login information, the accounts and transactions are analysed and categorised in real time based on criteria set by the bank.

An interactive report compares the various transaction categories and KPIs by month and over the entire period. The overall view is supplemented by the display of any anomalies and notes (e.g. return debits).

A budget calculation can be performed on a fully automated basis using data from the electronic account statements, thus providing support for automated credit decisions.

All data can be transferred to downstream processes via an interface or accessed in the Fraud Cockpit.

Your benefit:

  • Direct access to digital data instead of labour-intensive data collection from documents
  • Simplify, accelerate and automate your application process using Account-CHECK
  • Increase customer satisfaction by eliminating wait times (direct credit decision) and the inconvenience of submitting documents

This service may also be integrated into customer portals (private and corporate clients).

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