Increased certainty via digital income verification

Docu-CHECK – Digitising the credit assessment process

Many credit applications submitted by private customers require the verification of income. If this process is not automated, processing applications by hand takes up a great deal of your employees time.

We digitise this process with Docu-CHECK.

neuSalary statements are scanned in and digitised via integrated OCR software

Digitised data is substantively interpreted and analysed via Docu-CHECK

A defined rule examines the data for plausibility and reports any anomalies

This data is available for additional steps in the process or other applications (e.g. e-files)

Docu-CHECK can also be integrated into other processes in which data from structured documents (e.g. registration certificates) is intended to be provided in digital form

This system is not limited to salary statements

Niels-Jens Kühn (CFM)
Head of Product Management
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  • Using Docu-CHECK, you can achieve time savings of up to 80% compared to traditional income verification.
  • You can also integrate this service into your online banking portal.