Fraud Prevention and process automation –
with the Fraud Product Suite is not a contradiction


Increased security through digital identity verification and credit assessment

The CURENTIS Risk FACTORY is the software solution for digitising and verifying information that is relevant for identity verification and credit assessment processes. It was initially developed for banks and has been expanded to cover additional industries.

The CURENTIS Risk FACTORY is constructed on a modular basis and includes the following components:

  • ID-CHECK for verifying the identity of a customer using a reader from the Federal Printing Office.
    License-CHECK is a component that may be booked as an option in order to perform the driving license verification required for businesses
  • Docu-CHECK in order to digitise salary statements and automated standardised review of data from the salary statement
  • Account-CHECK for automated credit assessment via online account access
  • Rental-CHECK to support identity- and creditworthiness checks in the real estate market
  • Manager-Cockpit to support processing and analysis by the bank’s Fraud Manager

All of our solutions may be used for multiple clients and are multi-lingual (Standard: German, English and Turkish).

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