Secure ID verification and real users in your
operational processes

Greater cost-efficiency and security via digitisation in the car rental business and for car dealers

Digital processes with ID-CHECK

Letting someone take out a car, whether car rental or a test drive at a dealer, entails enormous risks for the rental agency or dealer.

  • Scammers with fake identification or a forged driving license can get access to a car at practically no risk
  • Employees frequently lack the relevant experience in order to be able to evaluate the authenticity of a document
  • However, there is also a black market for German ID documents that makes it possible to obtain a forgery that can’t be distinguished from a real ID with the naked eye for less than € 100.00

If the scammer disappears with the car, it’s not theft, but rather misappropriation. The consequence: it is not covered by insurance because misappropriation is excluded from coverage.

Your company can protect itself against misappropriation efficiently and cost-effectively using ID-CHECK. Here’s how it works:

  1. A new customer wants to rent a car or take a test drive
  2. The customer’s identity is verified at the car rental agency or car dealer using an ID reader from the Federal Printing Office
  3. ID-CHECK recognises identification documents from 180 countries (driving licenses, ID cards and passports) and flags irregularities
  4. The results of the authentication process (verification report) can be accessed from all workstations at the car rental agency or car dealer
  5. Data from the report can be automatically entered into pre-defined forms, such as the rental agreement, test drive contract or money laundering form for parties paying in cash
  6. In addition, data is entered into the customer information system


This creates a digital process for setting up new clients with the following benefits:

  • Greater security in the form of protection from misappropriation
  • Faster completion of forms resulting in higher customer satisfaction
  • No errors when entering data
  • Lower costs via the automated entry of customer information in related systems

CURENTIS advises companies when digitising their processes and offers a test environment.

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