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Digitisation for banks

Fast decision-making via automated processes

In addition to favourable terms, today’s client also expects the bank to have a simple and fast decision-making process. In addition, the bank is subject to ever-increasing cost pressures and has to compete against FinTech companies.

We can support you throughout the entire process with our broad range of products. Using our products not only makes you more secure, but faster as well!

The credit application process at a branch is illustrated in the following graphic.


  • The banker verifies the identity of the credit applicant using ID-CHECK. In addition to verification of authenticity, data from the identification document is displayed to the banker on the “customer data” screen so as to ensure entry of the business partner as provided in section 24c KWG
  • As a rule, the bank’s business processes require one to three salary statements depending on the product type and desired credit amount. The contents of paper salary statements are examined for anomalies and made available electronically with the aid of Docu-CHECK. Manual corrections may be made in the BackOffice
  • In many cases, account statements are still needed for performing a credit assessment. Rather than submitting paper copies, the credit applicant is able to input the login details for his / her bank via a secure connection at the banker’s workstation. The data is electronically “picked up” by Account-CHECK directly from the applicant’s bank whilst running in the background and provided to the banker in a report broken down into various criteria. As a result, it is no longer possible to manipulate account statements. Furthermore, the data is prepared for use in your specific budgeting calculations
  • Fraud Managers can make a decision regarding any irregularities throughout the entire process in the Fraud Cockpit. This provides the banker with a final decision on the credit application

Your benefits:

  • Faster processing times with increased data quality and more in-depth reviews
  • All data is available electronically, e.g. for downstream systems or cross-selling
  • Transparency via the entire term for the Fraud Manager

By the way: Docu-CHECK and Account-CHECK can also be integrated into your banking portal. This permits customers to submit their credit applications from home as well!

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