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Digitisation in the telecommunications sector

Telecommunications companies are also subject to ever-greater regulatory requirements when acquiring new customers. The new Anti-Terror Act adopted by the Bundestag (Federal Parliament) in June 2016 made it a necessity to verify and store the customer’s identity using an efficient process. Amongst other things, the law applies to the purchase of pre-paid cards for mobile telephones. In order to preclude false identification information from being provided by mobile phone purchasers, the new law obliges sellers to require the presentation of an official photo identification document. The type of process used must be logged as part of the review. Furthermore, information regarding the type, number and issuing agency must be stored. This requirement can be satisfied by storing the data on the ID-CHECK server.

Digital process with ID-CHECK:


Advantages of digital processes using ID-CHECK:

  • Annual costs for a shop are less than the loss of a few mobile devices.
  • Avoids identity fraud
  • Supports digitisation of the business process: faster, improved quality, transparent due to automatic logging
  • High data quality for customer data / bank details
  • The ability to offer new services in the market (e.g. identity verification for third parties and driving license verification for companies with a vehicle fleet)
  • Complying with requirements imposed by the new Anti-Terror Act

CURENTIS advises companies when digitising their processes and offers a test environment.

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