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Digitisation – Reaching success via small steps

Enjoy the cost benefits of digitisation through outsourcing

Everyone is talking about the digital transformation; however, many companies shy away from the challenges posed by these changes. The limitations imposed by entrenched IT systems represent a barrier.

However, solutions from CURENTIS enable a gradual process:

  1. Start with small building blocks – for example with identity verification or credit assessment
  2. A process-oriented approach from a customer perspective suggests starting with digitisation immediately when setting up new customers
  3. Digitisation goes hand in hand with automation: customer data collected from identification documents is automatically fed into the customer systems. Data collected from income verification documents and account statements is automatically reviewed and may be input into a budget calculator without any manual step needed, for example

This results in significant time, quality and cost benefits. The fastest means of realising these benefits is through outsourcing.

CURENTIS AG offers outsourcing services for:

  • Income verification by experienced staff members
  • Follow-up in the case of suspicious results in the identity verification and credit assessment processes by trained fraud managers and
  • Outsourcing to cover peak periods


This provides our customers with the following benefits:

  1. Work with digital income verification may be started without a long lead time
  2. Cost benefits may be very precisely calculated because CURENTIS agrees to a fixed price for each income verification procedure
  3. Outsourcing at CURENTIS can also be used as a flexible supplement to work performed by in-house teams (e.g. for reviews during the evening hours, on Saturdays or when staff are on holiday leave)

Contact us and we will be happy to prepare a specific proposal at short notice.

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