A good team includes expertise
in a variety of fields

Project management in the field of regulatory reporting in the banking sector

Inter-disciplinary project approach

As a rule, we assemble an interdisciplinary project team from a variety of fields when implementing a regulatory reporting project. Team members cover multiple departments within a bank. Our project managers pay particular attention to ensuring that the interfaces between a regulatory reporting project and other departments at a bank are given close consideration. In particular, this includes the interfaces to overall bank management, accounting, controlling, IT, internal auditing and risk management.

The primary objective of our interdisciplinary project approach is to break down the silo mentality between different departments and exaggerated divisions between the operational side and IT. Active communication and joint project efforts are key factors to success.

Universal responsibility for success of the project or programme

Starting with problem analysis and continuing through to roll-out, CURENTIS AG is responsible for all processes required for successful project implementation.

CURENTIS has extensive experience that includes assuming responsibility in cross-project roles.

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The following is a partial list of projects that are currently being led or have been led by CURENTIS project managers:

  • Basel IV
  • LCR / NSFR implementation
  • ALMM implementation
  • AnaCredit
  • Asset Encumbrance
  • IFRS 9
  • MREL
  • EMIR