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Test managers in the field of regulatory reporting in the banking sector

Test management in the regulatory reporting field demands comprehensive integration

Test management in the regulatory reporting field must be designed to keep track of the entire data flow for all information that ultimately is included in the reporting forms and receiving systems.

It is far too often the case that banks initiate and implement new projects without considering the effects on regulatory reporting at the outset and without including them in the project tasks. In many cases, the scope of the project is deliberately set short of the point at which data is transferred to the reporting system.

Accordingly, in the context of test management in the regulatory reporting field, not only is testing new functions and calculations in the reporting applications (ABACUS, BAIS, SAP Bank Analyzer, zeb.control) decisive, but rather the following aspects are of critical importance for the successful implementation of new releases:

  • End-to-end consideration of the data flow from the source systems through to report creation.
  • Enabling a complete real data test that permits the comparison of reports in the test environments against reports from the operational side


This requires comprehensive test management for regulatory reporting projects and all applications in the regulatory reporting environment. Comprehensive test management must perform the following functions:

  • Ensuring cross-application planning for release testing.
  • Coordination and monitoring during cross-application release testing.
  • Monitoring error management in the case of general problems that cannot be clearly associated with one application.
  • Communication and collaboration between test managers for the respective applications.
  • Communication with the project managers involved.
  • Preparation of comprehensive error and test case statistics that makes risk transparent at an early stage.

Test managers at CURENTIS are experienced in managing complex bank architectures in a single regulatory reporting test.

CURENTIS AG assumes overall testing responsibility for regulatory reporting projects. In the exercise of this responsibility, we fill the role of test manager and provide the individual testers.

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