Transition Management
Transition Management
Transition Management

Key Success Factors

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer is fundamental to the quality and efficiency of services delivered under an IT outsourcing contract. CURENTIS’s process ensures that knowledge is fully and reliably transferred to the new service provider. Operational knowledge for each IT service is transferred through the following:

  • Review of existing documentation
  • Interviews and shadowing
  • Creation of supporting documents
  • Hands-on maintenance

Landscape diagram

Not knowing the complete environment is often facing challenges for every transition project. This becomes the major reason for transition and migration project delays.

Hence best practice would be to identify the whole IT-landscape for transition and migration.

This excercise helps to achieve below highlights :

  • To know all the active Interfaces.
  • To know all unwanted/unused Interfaces.
  • To know the multiple source and target systems.
  • To know interface communication channels.

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Transition Project Management
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