Transition Management
Transition Management
Transition Management


Built within CURENTIS’s IT transition management approach is a strong management component that delivers the necessary planning, communications and change management to make IT outsourcing a win-win experience for clients and their staff. The plan is designed to quickly handle key questions and concerns, to enable all stakeholders of the project to understand, adjust to and reflect on the positive aspects of the outsourcing partnership, and, most importantly, to retain their focus on service delivery.

  • Comprehensive project plan with clearly defined timelines and measurable milestones
  • Joint development of a communications plan to effectively communicate at each stage of the transition process

  • For the long-term success of the transition, it is particularly important that the knowledge of the project team is transferred to the operational team and is available to the company in the long term. The ability of a company to absorb knowledge is referred to as Absorptive Capacity (ACAP) and is understood as the skillset of acquiring, assimilating, transforming, and exploiting new knowledge.
  • CURENTIS has developed a consulting service that supports companies in increasing their absorptive capacity.

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Transition Project Management
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